Eagle Wings Ministries: History & Mission

Eagle Wings Ministries  is the outgrowth of ministry in the Seattle area among Native People since 1988, initially as Seattle Intertribal Alliance church  and Hands of Creation a Native artists' cooperative.  

In 2003 Rodger Niemeier, former pastor of Seattle Intertribal Alliance, along with Bob LaFontaine (Chippewa), Gary Morrison (Haida), Lewis Johns (Quinault), and Jess Faber (Tsimshian), reorganized as Eagle Wings Native American Ministries - an independent church and ministry purposely focusing on recovery from chemical dependency and past abuse & trauma.   It became evident that the problems of widespread alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence, were symptomatic of a deeper, first-cause issue: unresolved PAIN from past abuse, trauma and historic trauma.  The present Board of Directors (Gary Morrison, Rodger & Sarah Niemeier, and Patrick Crew) direct Eagle Wings Ministries to be an effective Christ-based ministry to Native People for the purpose of healing from past abuse and finding wholeness & wellness in new life in Jesus Christ.

Eagle Wings Ministries enjoys a guiding, working relationship in association with  RISING ABOVE , a Christian Native counseling agency for recovery from abuse in Manitoba, Canada.  Eagle Wings assisted in Rising Above Conferences in 2011 at Puget Sound University (Tacoma, WA) and on the Lummi Reservation near Bellingham WA in 2013.  Our Eagle Wings staff was involved in providing volunteer counseling and workshop presentations.     Please visit their website:   http://www.risingabove.ca/

                            Eagle Wings Ministries also enjoys a ministry relationship with Northwest Family Life                                           Counseling Agency  in Seattle WA, with founder & director, Dr Nancy Murphy:                             
​                              http://northwestfamilylife.org/  

Eagle Wings Ministries is chartered by The National Association of Christian Ministers  since 2010.   http://nacministers.com .   Eagle Wings Ministries  has been incorporated in the State of Washington
as a nonprofit church/ministry since 2003 and can receive tax-deductible donations (receipted annually).  Please see our SUPPORT page for more information on how to donate.

Gary Morrison (Haida)
Experienced chemical dependency counselor from Hydaburg, Alaska, Gary has also been in Christian ministries for over 20 years.  Gary is Board of Directors President for Eagle Wings Ministries, volunteer counselor at two Rising Above conferences, and active in his Native culture.
Meet Our Staff
Rodger & Sarah Niemeier
A minister among Native People since 1974, Rodger has focused on ministries for recovery from chemical dependency and past abuse & trauma.   In 1988 Rodger planted Seattle Intertribal Alliance Church as a licensed pastor of the Native American District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  One  successful outreach ministry was  Hands of Creation, a Native Artists Co-op (1994 - 2002), consisting of over 400 consigning Native artists.   In 2002, Seattle Intertribal Alliance church transitioned into Eagle Wings Native American Ministries (Eagle Wings Ministries, for short) with a more specific focus on healing from past abuse/DV and recovery from chemical dependency.  Rodger also volunteered  as a workshop presenter & counselor at two Rising Above Conferences addressing recovery from abuse (Tacoma; Lummi Reservation).  During this time he also provided recovery education for 13 years at the inpatient treatment center, Thunderbird Treatment Center, of the Seattle Indian Healh Board.  Since 2010, Rodger has been Vice President of the National Association of Christian Ministers, an ordaining ministerial association of nearly 30,000 members, designing and providing ministerial and chaplaincy training programs, including programs for developing leaders among Native and Indigenous People of the USA and other countries.

Sarah (Kahaloa) is Native Hawaiian, raised on the Big Island.  Sarah experienced extensive abuse over 30 years, first by her alcoholic father, then also two very abusive husbands.  Healing from and building on that experience through several years of Christ-based abuse-counseling, Sarah is a compassionate domestic violence advocate and minister to women recovering from past abuse.  She also has been a volunteer counselor for two Rising Above conferences.