Virtual Personal Care Room

Our virtual Personal Care Room  is through a program called .   We have an online "room" reserved which we can use for more "in person" ministering, like Praying Through Your Life Story  sessions or other one-to-one contact as desired.  provides a "virtual room" where you can see (by computer or phone camera) and hear (audio system on your computer/smartphone) each other; and it is secure and private.  If you desire this kind of "in person" online ministry, please contact us (CONTACT webpage on this website) and we can give you more information on how this works.

Access to our  Virtual Personal Care Room  via  requires an access code that will be given you once an arrangements are made for meeting.

Note: using Appear.In  can also be done with audio only, without using computer cameras to "see" each other.  That is entirely up to the person receiving mininstry.  Ministry by phone is certainly a possibility as well, if preferred.