Eagle Wings Ministries

                                    Made to Soar

Recovery from the Effects of Past Abuse Including Addictions

The Eagle Story

Native People have told this Story down through their generations.  It communicates a profound message:

One day a newborn eagle fell from it's high nest and was injured.  A kindly Prairie Chicken hen happened by, and having compassion on the suffering little eagle, picked him up and took him home to nurse him back to health.  As the eagle recovered and became part of this Prairie Chicken family, he learned to run around on his two legs and peck in the dirt for grubs and worms, like his Prairie Chicken Brothers & Sisters - though these never satisfied his appetite.  So he grew up and lived as Prairie Chickens do.

There were times, though, he would look up and see these amazing, majestic birds with magnificent outstretched wings soaring the skies, and he would think to himself, "Oh how I wish I could fly like that!"  But then he'd sigh and hang his head and think, "But I'm just a Prairie Chicken and that's all I'll ever be", and go back to pecking in the dirt for grubs and worms.  Yet something within him drew him toward the skies.

Well, the years went by, and eventually the Eagle grew old ... and died.  He never did soar the heavens as his Creator had intended him to do.

~   ~  ~

Sad ending, isn't it?  But true.  Many people, no matter what their nationality, race or ethnicity or station in life, never reach true fulfillment in their lives because their hurtful experiences adversely affect their self-view: "You are worthless"; "You can't do anything right!"; "You don't deserve good things to happen for you" ("You are nothing but a Prairie Chicken!").  They never "soar the heavens" in a truly happy, loving life, as God has intended for...everyone...including YOU!  

                                                                          But... IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY ! 

No matter how hurtful and heartbreaking the experiences you've had to endure in this life have been, you do NOT have to live with the ill effects of them the rest of your life!  Even if you've suffered terrible abuse by others, been through heartbreaking divorce or other horrible losses, suffered alcoholism or drug addiction - there IS a way to successfully address and overcome how that has affected you and live a full, rewarding and love-filled life!  There really is!

                                                                          You ARE intended to be a SOARING EAGLE !

Eagle Wings Ministries is a ministry and fellowship of Native People and friends, based in Seattle, Washington, who have experienced the trauma and detrimental effects of past abuse - whether neglect and abandonment, domestic violence, emotional or sexual abuse - and often including alcohol and drug addictions; but have also found recovery, healing and new life through a spiritual experience and inner healing by the living Jesus Christ.  So we offer ministry to those carrying unresolved pain from their past by sharing Life Stories, listening to and praying through the pain of Your Story, and inviting Jesus, the Healer of the Brokenhearted, the Great Physician, to heal our wounded hearts and remove the pain.  He who created our hearts knows how to heal them; and only Jesus can remove our pain, heal our memories, repair damaged emotions, so we can experience a new life that is free from guilt, shame, sorrow, fear, hopelessness, and worthlessness - and make us the Soaring Eagles our Heavenly Father, the Great Spirit, intends us to be!

      He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds. 

                                                                                         Psalm 147:3

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