...with healing in His wings

Eagle Wings Ministries

A ministry for Native People and friends
suffering the debilitating effects of past abuse,
domestic violence, trauma, & chemical dependency;
offering recovery through personal ministry to heal from the inside out.

​Washington State
Pacific Northwest

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The Eagle Story

One day a little eagle fell from his nest before could fly.  The fall did not kill him,
   but he was greatly injured - as life will often do.

A kindly Prairie Chicken hen happened by and took the little eagle back to
    her home to nurse him back to health, which took a very long time.

As the eagle slowly healed, he grew up with his Prairie Chicken brothers and sisters,
     learning to run around on his two legs and peck in the dirt for seeds and grubs -
         neither of which satisfied his hunger.

Every once in a while, the eagle  would look up into the blue sky and see these magnificent birds
    stretching out their broad wings and soaring the heavens....
       "Oh how I wish I could soar the skies like them!"  he'd think to himself;
            but then he'd just lower his head and think, "But I'm just a Prairie Chicken and that's all I'll ever be",
                as he went back to running around on his two legs and pecking in the dirt for seeds and grubs.

Well, the days, the months, the years went by, and the eagle finally grew old....and died.
    And he never did soar the skies as his Creator had intended for him to do.

The Creator made you to soar like an Eagle !

You don't have to let the painful experiences of your past rob you of the Life God intends for you.

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Eagle Wings Ministries (Eagle Wings Native American Ministries) is a registered nonprofit ministry in Washington State.

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