What We Do

How Sharing & Praying Through Your Life Story Can Bring Healing & Recovery

We are not professional counselors: we are just ordinary people, Native People and friends, who have been through the trauma of past abuse - whether physical domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse, being controlled by others, being neglected by those we expected love from, growing up in an alcoholic or drug abusing family, etc - and survived by our lives being transformed by the love and grace of God.  We have experienced a remarkable love and resulting transformation through encountering God in Jesus Christ that has enabled us to face and heal from the pain of our past, leave our addictions, and begin a new life of self-worth, freedom from fear, guilt and shame, with new purpose, peace and fulfillment!

We have discovered that one shares their Story, their Life Story, with others willing to listen, without judgment or condemnation, and then pray together through the pain of our Stories, The Healer of the Brokenhearted (Jesus) is present and ministers to the unresolved pain in our hearts and takes it away.  He in effect heals our memories and our damaged emotions, and removes the pain that drives a low sense of self-worth, hopelessness, emptiness, addictions, and all that keeps us from good, loving relationships.

This is not "evangelism" or "trying to get you saved"; this is simply being available to you to hear your Story, and, as you may be willing, pray for you for the healing of your wounded soul so that you can experience a new freedom in your life from all that pain from the past.

"Pray for One Another that You May Be Healed"

James 5:16

The Iceberg Illustration

You likely know about icebergs: large pieces of ice that break off from glaciers and float in the cold seas.  The ship the Titanic is well known for how it sank after hitting an iceberg.  It passed too close to one and the larger part of the iceberg below the surface of the water ripped open the hull of the ship.

The "tip of the iceberg" you see above water is only a very small part of an iceberg; the part of it underwater is much greater in size.  That expression, "It's only the tip of the iceberg", is used to mean we've only seen or experienced a very small aspect of a much greater thing or problem.  This is how it is with our hearts and minds: the incidents that cause us much pain, the traumatic experiences we've had in our lives, deeply affect us - often more than we know.  What we usually see is just the "surface problems" (being irritable, depressed, anxious, angry, etc.) and are unaware of the unresolved pain and damaged emotions that drive those more surface problems.  Too often we just attempt to address those surface problems, but that's like treating the symptoms of a serious disease instead of addressing the root of it.  It's also why some attempt to address their surface problems and the pain and emptiness within by turning to alcohol and drugs for the numbing or high these things provide: but again, it does nothing to address the real root issue of our unresolved pain and emptiness.

Unless we get to our real root issue and fully address it and resolve it, heal it and recovery from it, we will continue to suffer those "surface problems" that keep us from having the good life our heavenly Father God intends us to experience.  And how sad that we spend much of our life, if not even all of it, never knowing how to change, to change from the inside out, and be free of the pain and live a truly fulfilling life!  BUT IT IS POSSIBLE!

"Come to Me all you who are worn down and broken, and I will give you relief for your soul"

God in Christ made your soul, your heart and mind, and only He can heal and restore your soul...and make all things new.

And He does it by ministering through the heart, soul and mind of those who know Him, because they have experienced the same heartbreaking realities of this life, but found new life, purpose, love, and self-worth as others listened to their Story and prayed with them to address the pain of their past and receive God's healing work in their souls.  

Our ministers at Eagle Wings Ministries are available to LISTEN to Your Story and pray with you, as you would want; to just be there for you.  And no matter where you are located or what your situation is, we can connect with you by phone or a visual call (like Zoom).

PLEASE GO TO THE  CONTACT PAGE  TO SEE HOW TO CONNECT WITH AN EAGLE WINGS MINISTRIES MINISTER.  We welcome your contact even if to just ask questions and further explore what we do.

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